Getting Your New Lawn Started

Insect and Fungus Management
Measuring the Area of a Lawn
Selecting a Lawn Grass
Soil Testing Information

General Lawn Maintenance Information

Insect and Fungus Management
Clemson University Home & Garden Information Center
Centipede Grass – General Characteristics
Centipede Grass Maintenance Calendar
St. Augustine Maintenance Calendar
Zoysia Maintenance Calendar
Bermuda Maintenance Calendar
Managing Weeds in Warm Season Lawns
Mowing Lawns
Watering Home Lawns
Fertilizing Home Lawns
Grassy Weeds

Insect Identification and Management

Insect and Other Related Lawn Problems
Common Lawn Insect Characteristics and identification
Insect Control Handbook

Disease Identification & Management Links

Leaf Diseases of Lawns
Disease Control Issues
Leaf Diseases of Lawns

Member Association Links

Low Country Golf Course Superintendents Association
South Carolina Landscape & Turfgrass Association
The Turfgrass Producers International
Sports Turf Managers Association
Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association
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