About Us

Green Acres Turf Farm, LLC is owned and operated by Youmans family members Lynn Youmans, Gary Youmans, Robert A. Youmans, Sr.(Bob) and Robert A. Youmans, Jr.(Alex). Lynn and Bob are Identical twin Brothers that have been operating a partnership producing various farm products since Bob’s return home from the Korean Conflict. Alex graduated from Clemson University in 1982 and was followed by his brother Gary in 1986. They both returned to the family farm after graduating from Clemson and began their careers in Agriculture. While the family has adjusted to changing economic and environmental conditions along the way, dedication producing the highest quality product in an environmentally responsible manner is a family trait passed down from past generations and continues today.


The year 2000 marked the first shipment of sod from Green Acres Turf Farm, LLC. Growing from a 200 acre turf farm in 2000 to around 1500 acres today, Green Acres has earned a place as a reliable supplier of premium turf grass for the landscape, sports and golf industries in South Carolina and parts of Georgia and North Carolina. Along with quality, service is a top priority at Green Acres. We have 14 company owned trucks equipped with forklifts ready to serve your needs. While owning and staffing these trucks and forklifts specifically for delivering sod is very expensive, we have found this necessary to provide on time deliveries and the level of service needed by our clients. Using our own trucks and drivers instead of independent contractors also insures that for your protection, trucks and drivers delivering to you are adequately permitted, licensed and insured.


Farm Staff

Meeting the high standards of quality and service set forth by the owners and expected by our customers can only be accomplished with a well trained and dedicated staff. The production staff at Green Acres Turf Farm is directed by Alex and includes mostly local people with a variety of educational and occupational backgrounds. Our production team includes several employees with various College or Technical College degrees in Agriculture and Turf Grass. We also have two staff members with commercial pesticide applicators license. These people along with many other experienced, dedicated and well trained personnel take care of all aspects of production including the land preparation, planting, spraying herbicides and insecticides, fertilizer and fungicide application, irrigation, insect and disease scouting, weed scouting, mowing, equipment maintenance and repair as well as harvesting.


Sales Staff

The sales staff at Green Acres Turf Farm is led by Gary consist of Randy and Joe. Joe was a member of our staff when the first pallet of sod was sold from our farm in 2000. He attended North Dakota State University where he studied turf management. After his school experience, Joe served the United States of America for 8 years in the U. S. Marine Corps. Joe is responsible for making sure the needs of our regular commercial accounts are being met as well as cultivating new accounts and handling random sales. Joe also has the primary responsibility of setting the delivery schedule.


Randy joined the sales staff in 2006 and has taken over the primary responsibility of getting directions and specific delivery instructions from the customers to the drivers. He also takes orders as they come in and handles random sales. Remember in order to fully process an order we will need a variety and quantity of sod to be delivered and an accurate delivery address. We also need to establish the method of payment for the order. Regardless of whether you need information on a particular variety or simply want to place an order please give either Joe or Randy a call.


Delivery Staff

While producing the sod at Green Acres is one challenge, delivering when and where the customer needs the sod is another challenge. Our delivery staff consists of well trained and experienced CDL drivers that meet the criteria set by Federal Motor Carrier regulations. They are expected to communicate with the customer regarding the details of specific delivery timing and placing the sod pallets as requested if possible. On any given day these drivers may be found delivering sod anywhere along the coast from Brunswick and Savannah Georgia to Hilton Head, Charleston and Myrtle Beach South Carolina or places inland including Greenwood, Augusta, Aiken, the greater Columbia area and numerous places in between. It is only with experienced well trained and dedicated drivers that we are able to serve such a broad geographic area.